The recent bombings in Davao City considered as “one of the safest cities in the world” shocked not only the Philippines but the international community. It extolled 16 lives and several wounded innocent individuals needing justice. While we believe that subalterns and saboteurs of peace are the ones responsible in this barbaric act, yet we suspect that an arm is something behind this treacherous deed.

Jesus came so that “all may have life and have it in full.” (Jn. 10:10b) This is the reason why the UCCP believes in the sanctity of life. In her Statement of Faith (art 2) and its constitution and by-laws (art 2, sec 11) the UCCP declares that human beings are created in the image of God. This is also in line with the Jewish faith understanding declared in Genesis 1:26-27. It is in this faith conviction that the UCCP North Luzon Jurisdiction condemns in the strongest possible terms said bombing incident.

We condole with the families of the victims even while we pray for their comfort and ease. The God of peace and consolation will comfort you and strengthen you in this hour of grief.

We demand justice for the victims and their families and call on government agencies and law enforcers to exert their best effort to capture the perpetrators of this heinous act.

We also appeal to people of goodwill to be of good courage and vigilance so that similar incident will not occur in the future. Let us work together in building a society with security and abundance and let us give peace a chance to reign in our lands making every effort to seek peace and pursue it.

Baguio City

September 5, 2016

Bishop Elorde Mendoza Sambat

UCCP-North Luzon Jurisdiction

For downloadable copy of this statement, just click on the link: NLJA Statement on Davao Bombing

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