"Fostering Educational Excellence: Philippine Christian University and CREATE-UCCP Forge Alliance through MOU Signing"

Photo and video courtesy of PCU-ICTC

On September 6, 2023, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony took place between Philippine Christian University (PCU) and the United Church of Christ in the Philippines – Church Related Educational Action Toward Empowerment (CREATE-UCCP) held at PCU Science and Technology Building Multi-purpose Hall. CREATE-UCCP is an association of Church-Related Educational Institutions under the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. This alliance was established with the aim of fostering quality engagements and an exchange of best school practices between the two institutions.

Recognizing the common goals and values they share, PCU and CREATE-UCCP have come to the understanding that collaboration in various areas will be mutually beneficial. The primary objective of this partnership is to enhance the quality of education provided by both organizations.

The MOU signing signifies a commitment to cooperation and the sharing of resources, knowledge, and experiences. Through this agreement, PCU and CREATE-UCCP aim to strengthen their educational systems, improve academic standards, and develop innovative teaching methods.

One of the key areas of cooperation mentioned in the MOU is the exchange of best school practices. Both PCU and CREATE-UCCP have identified specific areas where they excel and can learn from one another. Sharing these practices will not only help each institution to enhance their respective programs but also contribute to the overall improvement of education in the country.

Additionally, the partnership aims to Enhance Community Engagement, Promote Access to Education, Foster Collaboration, Support Career Development, Encourage Diversity and Inclusion, and Align with PCU’s Values.

Moreover, the MOU also emphasizes the scholarships grant to the qualified employees of every member institution of CREATE-UCCP.

The signing of the MOU between PCU and CREATE-UCCP marks the beginning of a long-term, reciprocal partnership. Both organizations are committed to nurturing this partnership and actively implementing the agreed-upon initiatives. By working together, PCU and CREATE-UCCP aspire to set a standard of excellence in education and contribute to the holistic development of future generations.

CREATE-UCCP comprises the following educational institutions:

Union Christian College, Southern Christian College, Pilgrim Christian College, Gingoog Christian College, College of Maasin, Saint Tonis College, Inc., Brokenshire College, United Institute, Ifugao Academy, Kalinga Academy, Tabuk Institute, National Heroes Institute, Jimenez Bethel Institute, Mindanao Institute, Apayao Community Learning Center and Abra Mountain Development Education Center.

This collaboration serves as a testament to the power of unity and shared aspirations. PCU and CREATE-UCCP’s joint efforts are expected to bear fruit not only within their respective campuses but also in the wider educational community. Through quality engagements and the exchange of best school practices, they hope to inspire other institutions to seek similar partnerships for the betterment of education in the Philippines.




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