This stewardship fundraising campaign aims to establish the UCCP Retirement Plan Program and to support other programs related to improving the benefit and welfare of all church workers, past and present, for their unwavering commitment and dedication to the life and ministry of the church.

The Club seeks to reach out to at least 100 individuals, families, groups, institutions, and partners that will each contribute a significant amount to UCCP by the end of the present Quadrennium.

The United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) joins in the broadening appeal to the leaders of the Philippine government to make a timely, just, and compassionate action to free the elderly, sick and most vulnerable prisoners amidst the continuing threat of covid-19. We express utmost concern that the COVID-19 pandemic poses a serious threat to the thousands of prisoners held in various detention facilities in the Philippines which are mostly overcrowded and congested. Detainees with minor offenses that await trial but are languishing in jail should be among the priorities?  We strongly support the families, lawyers and rights advocates in working towards sending the prisoners home from their high-risk prison cells. We also make an urgent plea to the Philippine government for the release of political prisoners, especially those suffering from enervating ailments and the elderly.  Failure of the government to address these urgent appeals would result in further disastrous public health emergency and will add to the shattering loss of countless lives to this pandemic. The rights and welfare of detainees must be upheld and sustained especially as we now face this terrifying medical disaster.

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