Today, perhaps we have forgotten the lessons of the past, for if the recently- conducted elections were truly without fraud, we can say that we have chosen the son and namesake of the oppressive and tyrannical leader of our country’s Martial Law years to now lead us. Forgive us, dear God, for forgetting the precious lessons of the past, for not being able to enlighten and fully guard the hearts and minds of our sons and daughters and thereby allowing them to be exposed to lies and distortions of truth, leading them to choose again another Marcos who believes that the time of his father’s leadership, those years that we were under Martial Law, was a “Golden Age” of our country’s prosperity, a great lie perpetuated to distort and change the truth.


We are calling everyone to pray for the communities affected by the earthquake. Together with our prayers, let us prepare our Humanitarian Response Teams (pool of volunteers) for immediate needs of our communities. Communication will be through the respective jurisdictions of the affected areas.
According to the initial reports, there are church buildings that are partially damaged like UCCP Lamao and UCCP Gangal of New Abra Conference, and UCCP Sevilla of North Luzon Amburayan Conference.
We also welcome monetary donations for the disaster response program that we are about to conduct for the communities affected. Details are provided in our poster. In kind donations will be accepted soon since we are still waiting for the assessment on the needs of the affected communities. 

UCCP National Office 877 EDSA, West Triangle Quezon City 1104
(632) 8 426 1729 | 8 426 3790 | 8 426 9157