Quadrennial Program Thrust and Priorities of the Church

FOR THE YEAR 2022-2026

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4

THRUST I: A vibrant congregational life rooted in the Christian faith, strengthened by an evangelistic zeal, deepened by a commitment to serve, and made visible in a warm and caring fellowship with one another and the whole of God’s creation.


  1. Establishment of the Church Membership Information System (CMIS)
  2. Maximization of worship materials/faith resources
  3. Awareness of the basic foundations of the faith (SOF)
  4. Operationalize the LLCDM Program
  5. Church and Community organizing
  6. Evangelist Training
  7. Contextualization of liturgy

THRUST II: Unity in the understanding of and commitment to the beliefs, values, principles, and history of the Church, manifested in a profound sense of identity as UCCP.


  1. Constitutional Amendments
  2. Popularization of UCCP Identity
  3. Organizational Orientation
  4. Orientation on church materials

THRUST III: As faithful and responsible stewards, to intensify the management and development of the resources of the church and its ministries toward sustainability.


  1. Realty Corporation, development of resources, development of policy guidelines, etc.
  2. Land Titling and documentation
  3. Sustain and strengthen the participation and contribution of WMS
  4. business arm of partner churches and mission agencies/organizations

THRUST IV: Comprehensive human resource development that will result in capable, responsible, effective, and committed leadership for present and future generations.


  1. Church Ministerial Programs
    • Recruitment to Retirement
  2. Ordination Process
  3. MCTE – will be specialized to pursue a different certificate or diploma.
  4. Human Resource
    • Intentional and purposeful program to develop adequate number of human resource specialists in various fields.
  5. Church Workers’ Benefits
    • Scholarship/Financial Assistance to Ministerial Students
    • Hospitalization
    • Financial Assistance to Retired Church Workers
    • Mortuary assistance or St. Peter Memorial Plan
  6. Clinical Pastoral Education
    • Advance and Basic Clinical Pastoral Education
  7. Ministerial Formation Assessment and Evaluation

THRUST V: Strengthened unity, cooperation, and coordination with and among church-recognized organizations as companions in the faith journey and as partners-in-mission.


  1. Establishment of the coordinating body
  2. CRO alignment of thrusts, objectives and programs
  3. Consolidation of quadrennial and future plans

THRUST VI: Strengthened and synchronized organizational management system for sustained cooperation, coordination with and among the healing, teaching, and service agencies of the Church.


  1. Service Agencies
    • Operationalize the UCCP United Church Aid and Relief Services, Inc. (CARES)
  2. Teaching
    • Establishment of the Education Department of the Church
  3. Healing
    • Expansion of Community Based Health Program (CBHP)
    • Coordination of among church hospitals and partners
    • Ensure the integration of the UCCP brand of healing in all our hospitals

THRUST VII: Committed and dedicated prophetic witness of the Church as a collective response to the need to bring wholeness of life and all of God’s creation.


  1. Strengthening of the Communications Department
  2. Enhancement of the UCCP website, and other related social media platforms
  3. Deepening the understanding of our prophetic ministry (cleargy & lay)
  4. Regular releasing of statements
  5. Continuous support to our church workers and lay leaders who are victims of human rights violations
  6. Deepening the understanding of the following:
    • Sectoral issues, advocacy and solidarity work
    • Climate and ecological justice
    • Gender justice and development

THRUST VIII: Stronger and meaningful interfaith, ecumenical, and international relations.


  1. Strengthen the existing local partnerships
  2. Broadening ecumenical involvement of our members thru joint plans and programs
  3. Promote partnerships in our conferences and local churches
  4. Understanding ecumenism and interfaith relations
  5. Establish new local and international partnerships

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